How SSH works

A blend of event industry experience, a pinch of infectious energy, a sprinkle of tech-savvy and a dash of awesomeness, the SecretSauce Hub team is the perfect mix of experienced top event peeps who help event project owners get shift done.

Whether it’s a small event marketing project, long-term project management, tech consulting, or everything else in between related to events, we help your project sizzle. Our team of talented professionals includes strategists, designers, marketers, writers, programmers, event planners, project managers, social managers, technologists and more, all ready to lend a hand.

Project Managers

Post your project and you’ll quickly be on your way to finding your missing ingredient. Once you have your bids, you can ask for more info and select the freelancer that best aligns with your project’s goals. It’s that simple!

Business Event Freelancers

Have 10+ years of experience within the events industry? Tired of chasing vague posts and cold leads? Join our community and SecretSauce Hub will deliver defined projects to your inbox.

Check out the Categories page for a list of talent we support and place.

Hire for Projects and a Freelancer Too?

If you wear many hats (and hey, who doesn’t in this industry?) as both a project manager and a freelancer, SecretSauce Hub allows to switch from one role to the other – secure the talent you need for your project or bid on projects for others.

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